Alchemy 008 – Beta Release

Beta 008

Today we announce the release of Alchemy version 008, a Beta release. Nearly two years on from the first release, the community of users has grown significantly and we believe Alchemy is reliable enough to be labelled ‘Beta’ quality. As a result we are finally opening up the website for everyone to download and try it out.

This release has a number of new modules, improvements, and bug fixes, but perhaps the most important thing is we are also opening up the development of Alchemy for everyone to create their own modules. If you know a little bit of Java or even some Javascript, Actionscript, or Processing, creating an Alchemy module is a simple process outlined in this tutorial. We want Alchemy to be software by artists for artists. How to contribute.

Finally we would like to say a special thank you to Steren Giannini and James Alliban for their code contributions to this release.

Posted Thursday, January 7th, 2010