Share Sketches & Ideas

Show us what you have been doing with Alchemy by uploading your sketches and finished artwork. Help evolve Alchemy by suggesting new ideas for features or reporting bugs. Hearing from others in the Alchemy community is a constant inspiration that keeps this project going.

Create a Module

Alchemy is build from a series of ‘modules’ that either Create shapes of Affect them. The code is written in such a way that it is actually quite easy to create your own module if you have a tiny bit of programming knowledge. You don’t necessarily need to know Java, but some experience with Javascript, Actionscript, or Processing is helpful.

Interested? Check out the Alchemy module tutorial.

Write Code

If you are have some experience with Java programming and would like to contribute to the Alchemy project we would love to hear from you. For more information on how you can start playing around with the Alchemy code base, check out the developer page.

Document Alchemy

Alchemy is documented using the open source, wiki-style, Floss Manuals. Alchemy users can contribute to the manual directly by creating an account and editing away – just like Wikipedia! You can also translate the English manual into your native language, currently we also have a Farsi manual and a Finnish Manual.

Translate Alchemy

If you prefer your own native tongue or hate English, you might like to help out and translate Alchemy. This is a simple way of improving Alchemy by making it more accessible, and best of all: no programming required! Check out the translation page for details.


Our thanks go out to everyone who has contributed to the project so far. If we have somehow left you off the list, please let us know!


  • SVG Export – Steren Giannini
  • Ribbon Shapes – James Alliban
  • Beads Sound Library Integration – Benjamin Porter
  • Splatter Shapes – Based on code from Stamen Design


  • German – Seppel Schorsch
  • Spanish – Julio Iglesias
  • Farsi – Omit Saadat
  • French – Ika & Jérôme Muscat
  • Italian – Mauro Gagni
  • Dutch – Dean Vaessen
  • Polish – Ojest
  • Chinese (Simplified & Traditional) – Chen Luo
  • Russian – Max Belozerov