Version History

BETA 008.1


    • Fixed bug on startup with the Simple Interface
    • Fixed bugs with the Color Switcher
    • Released a separate version for Mac OS X Tiger 10.4

BETA 008


    • SVG Export & Switching support added using the Batik Library – Big thanks to Steren!
    • Support for scaling image size when exporting as a JPEG or PNG file
    • Flip canvas, horizontally or vertically – Thanks to Count_Zero!
    • Smooth module added to smooth up sharp edges and hard angles
    • Ribbon Shapes module added, based on code by James Alliban & Eric Natzke – Thanks Guys!
    • Limit module added, to limit the number of shapes on the canvas – Thanks to hellocatfood!
    • Splatter Shapes module added, based on code by Stamen Design – Thanks!
    • Transparency of the background color can now be set
    • Persian Localisation added – Thanks to Omid Saadat!
    • Shapes Module: Added option to render just the outline of the shape until the pen is lifted
    • Alchemy now remembers the Export file directory between sessions
    • Fixed inconsistant coloring bug with Mirror & Color Switcher
    • Color Palette now pops up in the middle of the screen (not outside it)
    • Updated JPen tablet library, with support for Java 1.6 on mac and other improvements
    • Fixed bug causing fullscreen transparent mode to draw the background with some affect modules
    • Fixed Color Switcher bug where bg/fg colors were switching
    • Line Width UI element now updates correctly when using shortcuts

ALPHA 007.2


    • Gradient Module Colour fixes
    • Fixed bug where PDF files containing transparency had their colours converted to CMYK and back again, resulting in incorrect colours

ALPHA 007.1


    • JPen Tablet library updated – now with support for 64bit Windows machines
    • Corrupt PDF files when using the Gradient module fixed
    • Plugin Comparator error handling added to fix errors on launch
    • Mirror Vista UI fixes



    • Pressure Shapes module for drawing shapes using pressure from a tablet
    • Gradient module for adding colour gradients to shapes
    • Load a background image from the view menu to draw on top of
    • Colour button has been streamlined and combined with the background/foreground button
    • Line Weight spinner has been redesigned
    • Sliders and number spinners can now be controlled with the mouse scroll wheel
    • The max/min values of sliders and number spinners can be set by CTRL/COMMAND clicking them and inputing the values in the popup
    • Warning added when using File > New with shapes on the canvas
    • Localisations added for Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese/Spanish/Dutch/French/German
    • Thanks to Chen Luo/Zafio/Dean/Ika/Seppel Schorsch for those!
    • Pullshapes Size slider added to better control shape size
    • Displace module now behaves better with spine-based (variable line width) shapes
    • Trace Shapes images are now scaled correctly and local images can also be loaded
    • Fixed several issues caused by custom cursors stopping Alchemy from launching
    • Fixed a bug causing the tool bar to disappear completely when being reattached
    • Colour selector will now appear in the correct window on dual monitor systems



    • Jpeg export functionality added
    • Session file names can now be set in the options/preferences
    • Transparent Fullscreen mode added
    • Colour eye dropper added
    • Pull Shapes module added
    • Colour Switcher module ‘Constant’ button added, it can now change colours constantly when the pen is dragged
    • Options/Preferences interface redesigned
    • Fullscreen mode now hides the mac menubar
    • Changing the canvas size during a session now changes the canvas size of the session PDF
    • JPen library added (but not yet used), to allow pen pressure/tilt access
    • Camera colour module has been removed because of numerous bugs, it may be readded if we find a good java video library
    • Colour Picker popup and secondary window redesigned and standard across all platforms now
    • Shapes folder added to store PDF shapes used by PullShapes
    • iText PDF library update
    • Mirror module transparency bug fix
    • Switch menus opening properly in the specified application, not the default application
    • PDF colour accuracy fix, PDF colour format set to DEVICERGB
    • Shortcuts interface bug fixed
    • Language bundle loading fix
    • Dialogs added for when the modules folder is missing



    • Draw over/under existing shapes mode
    • Colour Switcher Module
    • Simple interface mode introduced, aimed at kidz!
    • Preferences/Options window added to change inteface mode
    • Modules can now be turned on and off in the preferences/options window
    • A default list of modules can be created in modules/modules.txt
    • Session timer now saves correctly only when the canvas has changed
    • Minor interface fixes (especially for Linux)



    • Load PDF session
    • Camera Colour affect module
    • Detach Shapes create module
    • Scrawl Shapes create module
    • Module selection shortcuts added
    • Sub Toolbar slider changed to a custom UI element
    • Alchemy now requires Java Version 5+
    • Export transparent PNG files
    • Mirror module fixed to work with Camera Colour module
    • Warning dialog added when overwriting files
    • Japanese localisation fixes

ALPHA 003.1


  • Features
    • Hide cursor function
  • Changes
    • Keyboard shortcuts (fullscreen, recording) fixed
    • Displace module now working with straight shapes
    • Record indicator is no longer showing off screen on windows



  • Features
    • Colour added – new colour picker in the tool bar
    • Foreground / Background button in the tool bar lets you draw with the background colour
    • Keyboard Shortcuts can now be assigned by the user
    • Displace affect module added
  • Changes
    • Performance has been greatly improved when drawing with many shapes on the canvas
    • Line smoothing can be turned on and off in the settings menu
    • Help system has been changed to the FLOSS manual Alchemy.pdf file in the Alchemy folder
    • Export menu can now create a PNG file as well as a PDF
  • Bug Fixes
    • Mirror module bug when using median shapes fixed
    • Warning dialog when closing Alchemy now functions properly
    • Trace Shapes now shows a warning dialog when a network connection fails



  • Features
    • The toolbar is now detachable into a seperate palette window
    • Trace Shapes / Speed Shapes / X Shapes modules added
    • Copy function to copy the canvas to the clipboard as a bitmap
    • Alchemy Help added
    • Japanese Localisation
    • Canvas smoothing option added
    • Background colour is now changeable
  • Changes
    • PDF saving functionality improved. PDF files are now viewable throughout
    • Interface improvements, icon changes
    • Random module now has a distortion slider
    • Type Shapes module can now create shapes using the mouse and keyboard
    • More robust microphone detection and more accurate sound levels
  • Bug Fixes
    • Toolbar hiding functionality improved
    • Toolbar repainting when drawing ‘blind’ fixed
    • Shortcut key mappings fixed
    • Fullscreen mode on a mac is now stable



Initial Release