Aside from developing the Alchemy application itself, a big part of the project is running hands on workshops at museums, schools, and conferences. To date we have been very lucky to be involved with workshops all round the world.

If your interested in attending or running a workshop, watch this space or get in contact directly:
alchemy [at] al [dot] chemy [dot] org. Below are some images of past workshops run by us and/or friends of Alchemy.

Kotake Elementary School – Yukarigaoka, Japan

Several workshops at an elementary school outside of Tokyo. Many thanks to Mr Takahashi for his help and assistance.

Hiroo Gakuen – Tokyo, Japan

A workshop at a Junior/Senior High School in Tokyo, many thanks to Joel Plunkett for organising it along with taking some nice photos.

DCCE Series – China

Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, March/April 2008. As part of a conference series organised by CG World Magazine, Andrew Jones appeared in a series of workshops introducing Alchemy as a tool for initial shape creation. Below are some images from the workshop in Shanghai.

Science Gallery – Ireland

Dublin, Ireland, January 2008. Several workshops as part of the Lightwave festival at the newly opened Science Gallery.

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Hangaram Design Museum – South Korea

Seoul, South Korea, June 2007. The very first workshop run using the original ‘Symmskribbl’ experiment that spawned the Alchemy project. This workshop was held at the Hangaram Design Museum as part of the ALICE MUSEUM exhibition.