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Update August 4, 2008: Due to the great response to the survey our sticker supply has been exhausted! We won’t be sending out any more stickers to people who submit from now on, however please feel free to fill in the survey if you have a few minutes anyway. Thanks to everyone who took the time to give us valuable feedback on the project!

We are conducting a small survey of Alchemy users and giving away free stickers to those who help out! Basically after five releases we are looking to hear about how people are getting on with Alchemy, and their thoughts and feelings about using Alchemy to create.

Alchemy Stickers

Alchemy is free and open software and we really value hearing all feedback, however this survey is focused on users individual experiences with Alchemy as part of their creative process. Bug reports, feature requests, and the like are welcome any time on the forums.

Please feel free to take your time, share your thoughts, and give us some insight into how Alchemy works (or doesn’t work) for you. Please answer all questions and be sure to fill in your address so we can send you a batch of stickers (while stocks last!).

Alchemy Survey

  1. Please describe how you use Alchemy in your creative process:

  2. Has your process changed since begining to use Alchemy?

    Yes No – If Yes, please explain in what ways:

  3. Have you become more active with what you create since begining to use Alchemy?

    Yes No

  4. Did you find yourself coming up with or getting inspired with new ideas while using Alchemy?

    Yes No – If Yes, give an example:

  5. What aspects of Alchemy do you feel best contribute to your creative process?
  6. Please describe any serendipitous encounters – unintended accidents that turn out well – you have had while using Alchemy:
  7. Feel free to add any comments:

Your Details

That’s it! You only have to fill in the details below if you want to be sent some Alchemy stickers. Be sure to fill in your full address including postal code and country. Rest assured your address and email details will be kept private and away from snail mail spammers.

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