Alpha 002 Release

A month on from the first release, the second Alpha release of Alchemy is ready! Below is a list of new features, changes, and bug fixes included in this release.

  • Features
    • The toolbar is now detachable into a seperate palette window
    • Trace Shapes / Speed Shapes / X Shapes modules added
    • Copy function to copy the canvas to the clipboard as a bitmap
    • Alchemy Help added
    • Japanese Localisation
    • Canvas smoothing option added
    • Background colour is now changeable
  • Changes
    • PDF saving functionality improved. PDF files are now viewable throughout
    • Interface improvements, icon changes
    • Random module now has a distortion slider
    • Type Shapes module can now create shapes using the mouse and keyboard
    • More robust microphone detection and more accurate sound levels
  • Bug Fixes
    • Toolbar hiding functionality improved
    • Toolbar repainting when drawing ‘blind’ fixed
    • Shortcut key mappings fixed
    • Fullscreen mode on a mac is now stable
Posted Sunday, March 2nd, 2008